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How Black Single Mums Are Benefiting From ‘Mommunes’

After separating from her husband of five years in early 2023, Cora* was devastated. Now a single mum, the earnings from her retail job were too meagre to rent a house and take care of her four-year-old son’s financial needs.

She lived in London, where rent can be so high that a estate agents say a woman on an average salary would need to double her pay to afford it. Distressed, Cora began to inquire from her friends whether they had an extra room to spare.

It was during this fervent search th

Why Black Women Are Leaving Academia & Transitioning To Other Careers

Even as a teenager, 37-year-old Jennifer from London always knew that she wanted to work in academia. Inspired by this teenage dream and her love for teaching, research and writing, she planned to be an academic once she completed her PhD in sociology. She’d often envision that her days would be filled with researching and teaching about all the obscure topics she loved.

After completing her program and undergoing a gruelling hiring process – which involved submitting multiple papers and propos

Why Some Young, Black Women Feel Like They Can No Longer Afford Motherhood

Growing up, Gemma* from London envisioned that she’d have hit several milestones by the age of 30, including owning an apartment and having a child. However, the company she works for recently issued massive pay cuts to their employees, forcing her to make do with almost half of what she was previously earning. Amidst a drastic increase in the cost of living that has seen many people struggle to pay essential bills, motherhood now seems like a far-fetched dream for Gemma.

“I’m pretty much livin

Sreekumar Raghavakaimal – Unraveling Life’s Genetic Codes

The name Sreekumar Raghavakaimal isn’t new in the realm of genomic sequencing, especially regarding diabetes and cancer research. But unlike most people in complex fields, Raghavakaimal’s career choice wasn’t inspired by a genome pioneer he had admired throughout his childhood. It was a product of a series of unfortunate life events.

Sreekumar Raghavakaimal was born and raised in Kerala, India, in a family of six. At an early age, he saw how prevalent diabetes was among his family members. Witn

Why We’re Choosing To Raise Our Children Away From Religion

As a Shamanic healer who practices meditation and energy healing, Denise Damijo describes herself as a ‘seer’ and ‘activator’ who can see things about people that they don’t even know about themselves, including their natural gifts and ancestral bloodlines. Her journey with Shamanism – the belief in unseen gods and ancestral spirits – began when she was still a child.

Damijo was raised in a Christian household but began to have spiritual visions as she was growing up. Most of the visions she sa

No, a ‘Delusionship’ Won’t Always Have a Fairy-Tale Ending—Here’s How To Escape the Fantasy When It’s Gone Too Far

The supportive idea behind being delulu is that being able to envision the positive future of your dreams (however big those dreams may be) is the first and necessary step to making that future your reality. It’s the same general concept behind manifestation or intention-setting: You have to make clear to the universe what it is that you want in order for that thing to eventually happen. On TikTok, one user claims that being delulu took her from being homeless to owning a seven-figure business.
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