I am Tabby Kibugi, a content writer.

About me:

I'm a content writer/specialist, journalist and social media expert with a lengthy history in SEO, copywriting and social media marketing, I'm highly skilled in content writing, content marketing, business strategy and digital marketing. I have worked with internationally-acclaimed publications such as:
Reader's Digest
Black Ballad & many more print and online publications.

My background in Health Economics and interest in the health and wellness space has enabled me to work with notable health brands such as:
Flo Health
Health in Her HUE

I have also created consumer content on financial advice and fintech for various brands, but that's not all.

Other notable highlights of my career include:

-Researched and published over 200 articles within the past two years, with many garnering over 50,000 views and 200 shares, thereby increasing online traffic for the publication/brand.
-Nearly all the content I've written in the health and wellness space has been featured on the first page of Google SERP.
-Featured on BBC Radio IXtra to discuss one of my viral stories on why young, Black people are leaving the church.
-Helped a start-up magazine gain over 200,000 views on their blog with social media marketing strategies.
-Interviewed close to 100 doctors and other board-certified health experts, including those from the NHS, popular urologist, Dr. Down there and many more in the health and wellness space.

Niches I'm great at include:
-Mental health and wellness
-Women's health
-Sexual health
-Explainers on chronic conditions

Ready to work with me on your next project? Feel free to reach out via email:tabbykibugiwrites@gmail.com.

I look forward to connecting with you!

What Clients Say About Me:

"Tabby has continually delivered timely, thoughtful pitches to my inbox
and has consistently proven the journalistic chops and writing abilities
to deliver on her ideas. She is receptive to feedback and collaboration
and provides authority to her articles fortified by a foundation of
independent research and expert interviews. It's not a stretch to say
she's one of our most prolific freelancers!

- Trent Johnson, Associate Editor, Giddy

"Tabby's content is always well-researched and evocative. She is prompt with edits and  her content is very detail-oriented. If your work requires a great deal of research, then Tabby is definitely your go-to freelance writer!"

- Sarah James, Editor-In-Chief, Clerestory

"Tabby has been a phenomenal freelancer for Giddy and has consistently delivered work that not only exceeds the standards that Giddy produces but she also clearly exhibits her knowledge and understanding in the subject of health and wellness. She clearly understands the goal of content creation in the health space and I'm happy to recommend her as a freelance writer to work with."

- Ashley Valenzuela, Former Women's Health Editor, Giddy

My Latest Work

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Ready to collaborate with me on your next project?

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