Tabby Kibugi is a freelance writer. 

She has reported on stories about the Black community, racism, women's health, mental health, lifestyle, culture and more. 

Her work has been featured in print and online publications like Reader's Digest, Flo Health, Happiful (print), Metro, Giddy, Insider, Buzzfeed, Black Ballad and more. 

She also has a vast history in SEO, copywriting, content writing and digital marketing for companies and brands. 

After graduating with a degree in Economics, she delved into the world of writing and is constantly looking for new opportunities!

She is also open to discussing some of the topics she has explored on podcasts or radio. 

When not writing, she likes to catch up with African literature and psychological thriller films. 

You can find her on Twitter or reach out for enquiries or commissions via email: tabbykibugiwrites@gmail.com